Belly Dance with Lisa! Lisa is one of Vancouver's most engaging, sought after Belly Dance instructors and performers. For over 10 years, Lisa has been educating and entertaining Middle Eastern dance students and audiences around the Lower Mainland and across Canada. Lisa's passion for dance is brought to life in her delightfully captivating performances. Her knowledge of various styles of Middle Eastern dances and music gives every performance depth, feeling and vitality. Her enthusiasm and joy is contagious - as is her smile.

As an instructor, Lisa's clear, concise breakdown of movements and concepts paired with her light-hearted humor and spirited encouragement allows students to approach their own learning with confidence. Lisa's holistic approach to teaching ensures that students receive technical, musical, cultural and historical knowledge which produces well-rounded dancers with a desire to always learn more. A perpetual student herself, Lisa is continuously seeking to further her own knowledge and skills not only to better herself, but to ensure her students are receiving the best dance education possible.

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